The Digital Summit LA

Lousy Ltd.

Lousy attended the Digital Summit LA on April 6th. This was the first Digital Summit for Los Angeles. The turnout was a bit cosier than some of the previous Digital Summit events we’ve been to. Our very own Michael Salamon chaired both a UX round table and presented a brand new deck entitled “10 UX Mistakes You Are (Probably) Making Right Now”.

Michael chaired a roundtable discussing UX and Design Trends. The other participants consisted of a great selection of UX professionals that included Aziz Hasan (Creative Director, Refinery29), Rebekah Cancino (Director, Content Strategy, Sitewire), and Marcella Missirian (President UXPA of Los Angeles, CEO/Co-Founder Media Mash UX). The topics discussed were:

  • The difference between UX and UI
  • Design and presentation tools
  • Emerging technologies

The panel discussion had good range of opinion that consisted of traditional human factors approaches to the use of newer agile and lean approaches. The audience mostly consisted of industry and marketing professionals. The topics discussed were received as helpful and even validating.

After the round table Michael presented his new deck “10 UX Mistakes You Are (Probably) Making Right Now”. Luckily, he was slated as a final presentation before the closing keynote and ended up giving his presentation on the main stage to a huge crowd. The information he was throwing down was being picked up by lots of hoots a few hallelujahs and the occasional fist pump.

If you weren’t there here’s the list:

  • You can’t be a tourist.
  • Don’t blindly copy.
  • Be smart about testing.
  • Clean your room.
  • Listen to your customers.
  • Don’t sacrifice design over theme.
  • Use real (ugly) data.
  • Know thyself.
  • Always be iterating.
  • Mobile is the front door.

Check out the slide deck here.

Altogether the event was a huge success. We tried out some new material and got to meet some awesome folks in LA. Knowing what a large crowd the Digital Summit series draws in other cities, we would be surprised to see what happens next year in LA.